CarlisleIT facility certifications

Supplemental Type Certificates (STCs)

CarlisleIT-awarded FAA and EASA STCs with their aircraft effectivity and International Approvals


An A-Z list of the most helpful Interconnect Technology terminology


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Supplier Handbook

The objective of this handbook is to provide our suppliers with our expectations to meet when conducting business with CarlisleIT.
Supplier Handbook (English, Chinese)

Product Application Notes

Connector Selection for Low Signal Reflections and Loss

Microwave Test Cable Assembly

Soldering Semi-Rigid Cable to PCBs

Plating Integrity, Tin-Plated Aluminum Semi-Rigid Cable

Understanding Phase vs. Temperature Behavior

Space Grade Cable Assembly Integration Manual CS-A-30393

UTiFLEX Cable Assemblies — Power Handling

UTiFLEX Cable Assemblies — High Vacuum/Altitude

UTiFLEX Cable Assemblies — Flexible Insulation Resistance

UTiFLEX Cable Assemblies — Shielding Effectiveness

Capability Brochures

Cable Assemblies and Harnesses

Corporate Capabilities

Interconnect Capabilities

Medical Capabilities

Product Offering Line Card

RF Cable Assemblies Test & Measurement

Semi-Rigid Cable, Benchmark in RF Performance

Space Capabilities

High-Voltage/AAM Capabilities

High-Performance Interconnect Solutions for 5G Networks and Systems

Test & Measurement Products & Services

Test & Measurement Applications & Design Guide

Product Information Docs


Armored WorkHorse® Assemblies

Cabin Management Systems

Engineered Custom Cable Assemblies

ECS Avionics RF Assemblies

Fiber Optic Assemblies

FlightGear™ Radio Altimeter Cable Assemblies

Industrial Cable Assembly Solutions

Low PIM Assemblies (Passive Intermodulation)

M-FLEX Cable Assemblies

Miniature Multi-Channel RF Cable Assemblies

Passive Probe

Power & Grounding Cable Assemblies

RF/Microwave Assemblies

Semi-Flex® Cable Assemblies (Conformable)

Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

Space Flight RF Cable Assemblies

TVS Design Guide

Workhorse® RF/Microwave Test Assemblies

UGF055D Miniature Multi-Channel RF Cable Assemblies

UTiFLEX® Flexible Microwave Cable Assemblies

UTiPHASE™ Phase Linear Microwave Cable Assemblies


120Ω Lightweight CANbus Terminator

ARINC Filter Connectors

Card Edge Connectors

Circular Filter Connectors

Compact D-Sub Backshells

CoreGD™ High-Performance Ganged Interconnect System

CoreHC™ RF Interconnect System

Custom Connectors

D-Sub & Micro-D Filter Connectors

FlightGear™ Blind Mate Antenna Connector

Jerrik® Filter Catalog

Large Gauge Sealed Splices

Low Profile Connectors

Multiport RF Connectors

Mono Modular Series Backshells

Octax®-Solo 10Gbps Ethernet Interconnect System

Octax® 38999 Style Connector Replacement Components

Octax® Ultra High-Speed Interconnect Solutions

Phase Adjusters

Precision RF Connectors

Pre-Tinned Push-On “Boss” PCB Connectors

R/F Microwave Adapters

RF/Microwave Connectors Catalog


Sealed Terminal Lugs & Tooling for Aluminum Cables

Sealed Crimp Splices

Secure-Thread SSMP® & WMP® Connectors

SMP Connectors

SMP-L Secure-Lok™ Interconnect Series

Specialty Connectors

SMPM® Connectors

Terminal Lugs & Splices

TMP® Connectors

TVS Connectors

SMPS® Connectors

XMP™ Connectors


Contacts Sales Sheet

Contacts Brochure

EN3155 Contacts Brochure

Expanded Performance Contacts — AS39029/121 & /122


5-Axis Machining

Aerospace Kitting Solutions

Custom Overbraiding

Fiber Optics Test, Inspection and Cleaning Kits

Laser Marking and Engraving

Molding and Potting Operations

Sheet Metal Cutting & Forming

GX Aviation

Vibration & Shock Testing

Part 21G Production Services


ABS1699 Trays

ABS1876 Trays

Advanced Thumbscrew Hold-Downs

Aero M/I SATCOM Antenna Adapter Plates

ARINC 404A Trays

ARINC 404A Tray Worksheet

ARINC 600 Enclosures

ARINC 600 Enclosures Worksheet

ARINC 600 Trays

ARINC 600 Trays Worksheet

Blanking Panels

Hex Stand-Offs

Insertion-Extraction Hold-Downs

Lightweight Tray Family

Military Style Hold-Downs

Modular VIP Aircraft Racking

Pneumatic Low-Pressure Flow Sensors

TCAS Antenna Adapter Plates

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)/Systems

EFB System for Boeing Aircraft

eZMount eZMount® Display Mounts

eZMount® Universal Tablet Cradle

eZMount® Twist

FlightGear™ 5V Power Cable

FlightGear™ Compact Smoke Detection Control Panel

FlightGear™ Smoke Detector Control Panel

FlightGear™ USB Power Port

Wire & Cable

Coaxial Cable Stripper

Composite Wire and Cable

Data Cables

High-Performance Cable Catalog

High-Performance 24 AWG Ethernet Quad Cable

Industrial Coil Cords

Industrial Coil Cords Worksheet

LITEflight® EP

LITEflight® HD

Lightweight 100 Based-T Ethernet Quad Cable

Thermazone™ Cables

Semi-Rigid Cable

System Installation Kits

ARINC 791/792 Adjustable Fittings

FlightGear™ ARINC 791 Ka, Ku, Ka/Ku

FlightGear™ ARINC 792 Ka, Ku, Ka/Ku



SmartSky 4G LTE ATG

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