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It takes more than wings and engines to get a commercial aircraft airborne. The endurance, speed and durability of the hundreds of miles of wire and cable inside each airplane are critical to flight.

Ruggedized to perform reliably in harsh conditions and under extreme temperatures, CarlisleIT wire and cable can be engineered and installed to meet your unique challenges.

Avionics RF Cables

CarlisleIT's ECS Avionics RF cables are configured specifically for avionics systems that require a low loss cable with frequencies between 0 - 12 GHz. Sold in bulk, cut-to-fit or within a kit, these cables have short lead times with no minimum quantity and in many cases are in stock with same day shipping available.

Coil Cords

Designed for harsh environment applications in Aerospace and Industrial markets

Commercial UL-CSA-BS Cable

UL and CSA Approved wire and cable products

Composite Aerospace Wire & Cable

CarlisleIT’s composite aerospace wire & cable are designed for applications requiring arc-resistant general-purpose wire rated to 260°C

Data Bus and Video Cables

Ultra high-speed data bus cable solutions designed to meet the cabin management needs of today and tomorrow

Shielded Dual Quad

Gigabit Ethernet Series

Our Gigabit Ethernet cables combine industry-leading, high-speed performance with significant size and weight advantages over comparable cables

Harsh Environment Engine Wire

Engine wire designed to survive extreme vibration and high-temperature environments

BMS 13-65

High-Performance Coaxial Cable

High-performance, lightweight, cost-effective coaxial cable solutions for aerospace, military and commercial applications

High-Speed Digital Data Cables

Lightweight, compact, and durable high-speed Ethernet connectivity solutions to enhance or secure your communication networks

High-Voltage Wire & Cable

This series encompasses a group of wires and cables used in aerospace applications demanding superior flammability and arc propagation performance, as well as high corona resistance.


IFE System Cables

CarlisleIT offers innovative data cables that are designed to reduce interference, are easy to install, and flexible enough for routing in tight spaces

Industrial Wire and Cable

Wide range of industrial wire and cable solutions, engineered with resistance to abrasion and mechanical damage and superior flame-retardant properties

LITEflight® Fiber Optic Cables

CarlisleIT’s LITEflight® fiber optic cable is specifically designed to provide maximum performance and durability in the demanding conditions found in aerospace, military, industrial and other harsh environment

Seamless™ and Seamless-T™ Wire & Cable

CarlisleIT’s Seamless Wrap PTFE wire insulation and cable jacket technology offers all the advantages of a tape wrap, with the smooth appearance and installation characteristics of an extrusion

Related Products

Portable Coaxial Cable Stripper Kit

Cuts and strips coaxial cable in 3 seconds. Includes: hand-held driver with a removable NICAD battery pack. 110v A/C 13-hour charger, hard-shell carrying case, and a 1-year limited warranty.

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