Rack and Shelf Assemblies

Need to install a whole system or a variety of add on equipment? CarlisleIT designs and manufactures fully integrated airborne equipment racks and shelves to support any equipment you want to get flying. Racks and shelves are fabricated from an optimized combination of aluminum alloys and engineered composites to provide high strength, low weight, efficient structures that will last as long as the aircraft and perform as well or better than original manufacturer equipment.

Aluminum Equipment Racks

Need more space to install more equipment? CarlisleIT has decades of experience developing add on rack solutions for aircraft of all sizes.

Aluminum Equipment Shelves

Fully integrated with cooling fans and harnesses or simply provisioned with the basic structure, CarlisleIT makes custom avionics shelves for every application.

Composite Equipment Racks

Strong, light, airtight and fireproof, CarlisleIT composite racks are ideal in spaces where full enclosures are required.

Overhead Stowage Bin Racks and Structures

Sometimes the best place to add equipment is in the overhead stowage.

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19 Equipment Racks

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