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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) is one of the world’s leading designers of high-performance interconnect solutions for the RF/Microwave industry. Our high-density and high-bandwidth RF cables, connectors, assemblies and adapters are designed specifically for electrically critical environments. You can rely on CarlisleIT when signal integrity and density matter.

Recalibrating the Standard for Test & Measurement

CarlisleIT is proud to announce the launch of a series of new products designed with you in mind. Our full lineup of customizable interconnect solutions leverage our unique hybrid technology (RF + Digital + Power) and can test up to 100 GHz.


CarlisleIT's Passive Probes family includes 
the P200, P500 and the HTP500
- Passive Probes 
      - P200 - 200MHz Cat II 300V
      - P500 - 500MHz Cat II 300V
      - HTP500 - 500MHz Cat IV 600V

Test & Measurement Capabilities & Services

Design Capabilities

» 3D Modeling and Design in Solidworks, Catia & Creo
» Electrical, Mechanical and Signal Integrity Engineers on staff
» Comprehensive Signal Integrity (SI) Analysis available
» Extensive qualification testing capabilities including: Electrical, Flex, Tensile and Cycle testing, environmental stress screening (ESS), immersion testing and X-Ray
» In-House cable development and manufacturing with  closed-loop system to monitor cable build in-line


» In-house 3D printing capabilities: SLA, FDM and PolyJet
» Vertically integrated cable manufacturer with standard cables available for quick turn assembly prototypes
» Dedicated R&D prototyping resources including personnel, equipment and floorspace.


» Worldwide presence with new product development and production capabilities in Asia, Mexico and in the United States which can be leveraged to optimize cost and lead time
» Comprehensive standard cable offering for all applications
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