Carlisle Operating System (COS)

Driving the Industry Forward

We’re leading the way with our Carlisle Operating System (COS).  COS is our standardized methodology using the tools of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma to drive continuous improvement for both our customers and our business.  It promotes the systems and culture of safety, employee involvement, quality and on-time delivery—all of this with our customer in mind.

The COS methodology is woven into our leadership fabric and everything we do.  This thought process is both supported and driven by our top leadership and ensures the sustainability of our successes with our customers and our business. Every CarlisleIT location participates with the goal of continuous improvement at all facilities.

With COS, companies working with CarlisleIT know they’re partnering with the world-class interconnect manufacturer dedicated to providing comprehensive, next-level solutions they can’t get anywhere else.

Nine Key Metrics

  1. MDI – Managing for Daily Improvement
  2. TPM – Total Preventative Maintenance
  3. Culture
  4. Supply Chain
  5. Environment
  6. Safety
  7. Quality
  8. Delivery
  9. Cost

The COS Operational Excellence program recognizes and rewards facility performance with a specific and defined level of achievement, providing each facility a roadmap for continuous success. The program allows CarlisleIT to monitor and track performance to ensure we’re achieving our performance goals.

Five Achievement Levels

  1. Gold Sustainment
  2. Gold
  3. Silver Sustainment
  4. Silver
  5. Bronze
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