Wire & Cable

Mil-Spec Wire & Cable

Fit for both medium and high-temperature installations. With PTFE or ETFE or PTFE/polyimide tape insulators, allowing options for highly abrasion-resistant insulation or high-strength conductors for maximum performance under mechanical stresses.

High-Performance Coaxial Cables

CellTec Coaxial Cable

Miniature, high-velocity cable with enhanced shielding

LTE High-Speed Coaxial Cables

High velocity of propagation with reduced weight

MaxFlex Cable

Flexible replacement for semi-rigid cables; fits standard connectors

MaxForm Cable

Hand-formable cable with the performance of semi-rigid

MIL-DTL-17 Coaxial Cable

CarlisleIT manufacturers a complete line of MIL-DTL-17 coaxial cables

Mobile Solutions 2 Cable

Air-spaced PTFE dielectric for low loss

Mobile Solutions Cable

Low-loss, high-temperature replacement for MIL-C-17 cables; fits standard connectors

Aerospace Wire and Cable

M22759 Wire (SAE AS22759)

Mil-Spec M22759 wire is designed for severe environment aerospace applications, such as engine controls and SWAMP (Severe Weather and Moisture Prone) areas

MIL-DTL-27500 (NEMA WC27500) Cables

Shielded and jacketed cables with a wide variety of component wires and jacket types

MIL-W-16878 (NEMA HP3, HP4) Wires

General-purpose hookup wires with extruded PTFE or FEP insulation

MIL-W-25038 Wires

Wires for extreme high temperature environments, with enhanced abrasion resistance

MIL-W-81381 Wires

Wires with FEP/polyimide insulation for enhanced abrasion resistance

MIL-W-81822 (SAE AS81822) Wires

Solid conductors for wire-wrap applications

Type E, EE, and ET Cables

Shielded and jacketed cables with MIL-W-16878 (NEMA HP3) wires

Seamless™ and Seamless-T™ M22759 (SAE AS22759) Wires

CarlisleIT's Seamless-T product line meets the enhanced "seamless" insulation and enhanced requirements of AS22759/180-/192, once again raising the bar for outstanding performance.

Commercial Wire and Cable

Thermax 750

Ultra-high-temperature, non-asbestos wire

Other Mil-Spec Hookup Wire Products

Seamless Wrap PTFE Tape

LTE high-performance expanded PTFE dielectric

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