Aircraft Certification and PMA Manufacturing

Partnering with CarlisleIT means more than getting a better way to create your product; it also means close support through the complex Certification and STC processes your launch may face. We’re experts, with years of experience and a deep library of Certificates that can help simplify and accelerate your product development.

Airworthiness Certification Services

When your path to market includes airworthiness certification with the FAA, EASA, or any of the dozens of regional authorities worldwide, count on CarlisleIT to provide the expertise and support to accelerate your certification process.

CarlisleIT is an FAA STC Design Approval Holder with a staff of certification experts, in-house Federal Aviation Administration Designated Engineering Representatives (FAA DERs), Designated Airworthiness Representatives (FAA DARs) and Designated Manufacturing Inspection Representatives (FAA DMIRs). This team combines to deliver the regulatory expertise and relationships to bring your product to market effectively and sustainably.

In Europe, Tenencia Aerospace Design is a CarlisleIT Part 21 Design and Production Organization (DOA/POA), bringing a decades-long relationship with European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to offer a complementary path to aircraft STC modifications in Europe and technical support teams based in the United Kingdom.

Hundreds of STCs have been awarded to CarlisleIT across a broad spectrum of systems and equipment and have been recognized by airworthiness authorities worldwide, and CarlisleIT components fly on more than 90% of the commercial aircraft in service today.

What is the Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) process?

For new STC applications, either via the FAA Aircraft Certification Office (ACO) or through the EASA Part 21 DOA, your CarlisleIT team will establish the required certification basis and create associated project-specific certification plans. CarlisleIT will apply for the STCs and develop testing data and requisite reports for timely approval of your product for prototype installation.

Our team of FAA DERs and EASA Certification Engineers will review the engineering packages developed by CarlisleIT including any customer provided technical data required as part of the STC application. Statements of compliance will be issued and included in the data submitted to the FAA, EASA and regional authorities.

Our teams will then support the prototype installation on the aircraft, including and required test activities, and generate the needed installation conformity documentation, ground and/or flight test reports, and final submission of all documentation to the regulator.

After award of the STC CarlisleIT can maintain it for the life of the aircraft utilizing our minor change agreement with the FAA in our ongoing partnership for safety.

PMA/EPA Production

CarlisleIT operates three facilities currently which have quality systems audited by the FAA and EASA for specifically for the production of retrofit aircraft parts.

CarlisleIT can also manufacture PMA and EPA approved parts under contract with the issuance of a PMA assistance letter from an STC holder. This permits CarlisleIT to apply to the local FAA MISO for PMA against the specific component(s) and support high volume manufacturing and fleet-wide retrofit programs efficiently.

Franklin, WI Facility

5300 W. Franklin Drive
Franklin, WI 53132
United States

Toll-Free: +1 (800) 327-9473
Phone: +1 (414) 421-5300
Fax: +1 (414) 421-5301

Coventry, UK Facility

Coventry Airport
Dakota House

Telephone: +44 24 7688 2695

CarlisleIT’s current portfolio of STCs can be found here along with descriptions of the systems installed and the aircraft platforms included.

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