Opportunity, Diversity, & Inclusion (ODI)

The Mission of ODI Efforts at CarlisleIT is:


Attract: Helping ensure we cast a wider net in seeking qualified candidates.

Develop: Ensuring we have training, mentoring, and development opportunities for all to reinforce an inclusive culture.

Promote: Leverage our diverse talent pool and employee development efforts to ensure that we have a diverse pipeline of talent at all levels of the organization.

At Carlisle Interconnect Technologies, we are committed to fostering a culture that promotes Opportunity, Diversity, & Inclusion for all. As a global company, we are proud to employ talented individuals from all over the world because we believe that what makes us different is what makes us strong.

As we continue to grow on a global scale, it’s important to us that we diversify our workforce even more. We know that diversity is about more than gender, race, and ethnicity, so we are instituting policies and opportunities to acknowledge employees with diverse religious and political beliefs, education, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexual orientation, cultures, and disabilities.

At CarlisleIT,

  • We value our employees for their unique strengths and backgrounds
  • It is our responsibility to promote a culture of equality, respect, inclusiveness, and opportunity for everyone
  • We encourage all employees to bring their very best self to work each day, without hesitation or fear, in the pursuit of this culture

To promote these values and ideas, the ODI teams are creating focused efforts and events in the following areas:

Talent-Focused Team:

Our mission is to create a culture that seeks and attracts diverse, high performing talent and empower every employee to achieve more.

  • Removing unconscious bias from interviewing process
  • Modifying interviewing styles to accommodate candidates with disabilities
  • Recruiting sessions in predominantly minority areas

Employee-Focused Team:

Our goal is to promote educational topics and provide supportive resources to employees at CarlisleIT that foster an inclusive culture and increase employee engagement.

  • Focused women’s topics team
  • Career mentorship/sponsorship programs
  • Promotion of inclusion activities/opportunities happening at each company location

Community-Focused Team:

Our goal is to support local organizations through stewardship, contributions, and the sharing our expertise and time.

  • Food and toy drives
  • Manufacturing career days and internships with local schools
  • Community volunteer opportunities with food banks and environmental efforts

For questions about our commitment to providing everyone with an opportunity to succeed, please reach out to our ODI Steering Committee at ODI@CarlisleIT.com.


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