Cable Assemblies & Harnesses

RF/Microwave Cable Assemblies

High-frequency assemblies designed to withstand the harsh environments of aerospace, military, space, and industrial applications, and are tested to ensure performance and reliability.

Cable Assemblies

Avionics RF Cable Assemblies

Standard RF cables/cable assemblies and low PIM assemblies with design features to maximize system integrity and minimize the cost of ownership.

Low PIM Cable Assemblies

For installation of antenna and electronic systems, designed primarily for use in ARINC 781-compliant SatCom antenna systems

FlightGear™ Radio Altimeter Cable Assemblies

Designed to be impervious to harsh SWAMP environments utilizing a special seal to prevent water ingress, eliminating erroneous Rad Alt height indications due to faulty cables

Test and Measurement Cable Assemblies

Wide variety of customizable, high-frequency RF cable assemblies for your test and measurement needs using UTiFLEX®, Semi-Flex®, Semi-Rigid and other cable options. Specific Test and Measurement cable assemblies include:

Semi-Flex® Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Hand-formable assemblies that allow simple, high-quality connections for use within RF/Microwave systems and external connections to other equipment.

Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

Highest-quality assemblies available today for use within RF/Microwave systems, all semi-rigid assemblies are custom-built to meet your specifications.

Coaxial Cables

RG Series Coaxial Cables

Meet or exceed MIL-DTL-17 and QPL specifications. Standard Radio Guide (RG) coaxial cables are also available from CarlisleIT in various sizes and connector options. Low-cost RG cables offer excellent low loss performance for short distance, low-frequency applications like radio-to-antenna in electronic PCBs, home cable, phone and satellite television systems and standard 10/100Mbps ethernet communications.

Product Information Resources

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