Imagine Your Career Just Clicking Into Place

You’re working for a world-class, global company that encourages you to grow and achieve your goals. Your coworkers demonstrate the highest level of integrity, attention to detail and pride. You’re helping define the future of technology, all while making a difference in your community. 

Working at Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is all this, and more.

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What You’ll Do

You’ll be part of a team of more than 6,000 professionals worldwide who are collaborating with customers to seamlessly design, build, test, certify and deliver high-performance products and solutions. Whether your job is to improve processes, solve a customer challenge or grow our products and services, you’ll get the support you need to achieve your goals.

How You’ll Succeed

We look for people who love a challenge, embrace growth, and strive to innovate in their roles. We value collaboration, innovation and a welcoming and supportive workplace. Of course, a passion for interconnect technology makes a big impression, too!

Why Carlisle Interconnect Technologies?

We raise each other up

Join the CarlisleIT team, and you’ll notice a culture like no other. It’s innovative and inquisitive, while at the same time family-oriented and community-minded. At the heart of our story is an all-out, get-it-done attitude, and we take pride in raising each other up, just as we raise the bar in taking care of our customers.

It’s more than a paycheck

At CarlisleIT, you’ll enjoy more than competitive wages, exposure to a global market, opportunities for advancement and an environment of innovation. We support our employees and celebrate their accomplishments in a variety of ways:
• Professional growth opportunities
• Employee recognition programs
• Company events
• Community fundraising and more
“I have worked for CarlisleIT for a quarter of a century, and on my journey, it has allowed me to work in almost every area of the plant. I started out on the production floor, and I’m now in a salaried position. CarlisleIT has been great to me, and it's a great company to work for!”

— David Brown, St. Augustine Facility

Employee Service Awards

We believe acknowledgement of a job well done is important for your career! Recognition is ongoing at CarlisleIT, where our Career Appreciation Program recognizes your years of service more often than most.

Employee Community

CarlisleIT is more than just work—it’s a way of life! We encourage you to carry your commitments and team work in and out of the office. We strive to create a culture not only in the office but within the community as well.


Our comprehensive total rewards package is designed to provide each employee with comprehensive coverage and to help you meet personal needs and goals. Some of those benefits include:
• Medical Coverage
• Dental Coverage
• Company-matching 401K
• Employee Stock Purchase Plan
• Bonus/Profit Sharing
• Tuition Reimbursement
• Paid Time Off
• Discounts on Travel, Theme Parks, and Concerts (through
• Career and Leadership Development Programs

These added benefits are intended to help protect/improve physical and mental health, financial well-being and quality of life for you and your family. When you work with us, you've joined an organization that believes in supporting you throughout your career.
“Working at CarlisleIT provides a dynamic and engaging environment for me to grow through professional connections with my team while helping to bring critical connections to real-world products.”

— Tadd Vangundy, CarlisleIT Corporate Intern

Ready To Make A Career Change?

View Job and Career Opportunities at CarlisleIT
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