Connectors & Accessories

Connectors & Accessories

Small Things Count

No matter the size of the connector, the smallest details make all the difference.

CarlisleIT high-performance connectors and adapters are designed and engineered to be the highest-quality, most-reliable connectors and adapters available.

Our filters and connectors meet or exceed EMI industry standards, and CarlisleIT is unmatched in speed of delivery, manufacturing flexibility and quality control, providing consistently reliable, superior performance for your applications.


Avionics RF Connectors

Built to withstand strenuous operating conditions.

High-Speed Data Connectors

High-performance connectors — including Octax®-Solo and Octax® 38999 Style — engineered to withstand punishing use in a wide variety of commercial and military applications.

RF/Microwave Connectors

Precision RF and Microwave adapters and connectors.

Terminal Blocks, Lugs & Splices

Maximum reliability for weight-critical power and grounding applications.


RF/Microwave Adapters

Complete line of precision RF and Microwave adapters and connectors for interconnect systems in a wide variety of options.

Accessories & Components


Lightweight and flexible backshells for industrial and avionics applications.

Filter Connectors

Filter Connectors

Small form-factor, military-grade circular and rectangular connectors.

Transient Voltage Suppression

Unique diode-in-board packaging can handle power up to 3k watts while saving space and weight.

Specialty Interconnects

Specialty Interconnect

Complete end-to-end design and manufacturing of custom connectors.

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