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LITEflight® Fiber Optic Cable

LITEflight HD

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) is a leading manufacturer of high-performance fiber optic interconnect systems and offers a comprehensive range of rugged and high-performance fiber optic cable and assemblies.

CarlisleIT’s LITEflight® fiber optic cable is specifically designed to provide maximum performance and durability in the demanding conditions found in aerospace, military, industrial and other harsh environments. With the broad experience applying harsh environment interconnects, a deep understanding of advanced materials and sophisticated manufacturing processes at our factory sites worldwide, CarlisleIT’s system design engineers bring the performance benefits of fiber optic interconnects to your applications for even the most demanding installation scenarios.

LITEflight® cables offer all the benefits of fiber optic interconnect performance in temperature extremes, high shock and high G-force environments, tight routing and bending installation envelopes with cabling products designed to withstand the worst mechanical and environmental strains. LITEflight fiber optic products are widely deployed in commercial aerospace, military aerospace, defense ground tactical and industrial applications.

Performance Highlights:

  • Performance in the harshest installation and operating environments
  • Unmatched performance in temperature extremes, high vibration, tight routing and bending, high mechanical shock, corrosive and caustic installation scenarios
  • Flame-resistance properties, low smoke, low toxicity, low weight, and immunity to electromagnetic interference (EMI).

The LITEflight® fiber optic cable family of products

LITEflight® EP

The LITEflight® EP (Enhanced Performance) series of aerospace-grade fiber optic cables provides all the performance and benefits necessary to perform in the harsh environments of your aerospace and military applications but with lower loss, tighter bend radius, improved thermal stability and better handling during termination and installation. Unlike tight structured cables, the LITEflight® EP semi-loose structured cables are compatible with all commercially available fiber optic termini and connectors. LITEflight® EP is available in multiple sizes, configurations and temperature ratings up to 260°C in order to meet the most demanding application requirements.

LITEflight® HD

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ (CarlisleIT) LITEflight® HD (High Density) Fiber Optic Cables build on the industry-leading performance of all CarlisleIT fiber cable products. With a cable designed for compatibility and cutting-edge fiber optic connector designs, LITEflight HD Cables offer a multi-channel fiber cable in the smallest package, compatible with industry leading MPO connector interfaces and emerging multi-fiber termination connectors.

LITEflight® Fiber Optic Cable

Most broadly specified and used fiber optic cable in Aerospace

LITEflight® TS Fiber Optic Cable

Tight Structured — Best-performing tight structured cable in the industry

LITEflight® POF Fiber Optic Cable

Plastic Optical Fiber — The highest-performing plastic optic cable for harsh environment installations. The only aerospace qualified POF cable on the market today

Product Information Resources

LITEflight® EP Datasheet
LITEflight® HD Datasheet

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