Cable Assemblies & Harnesses for Space Applications

Our Connections Power Your Explorations.

Qualified to many program-specific requirements and available in multiple configurations and operating frequencies, our cable assemblies are ready to perform.

Key Characteristics:

  • Electrical testing for AC, DC, RF, fiber optic-based products, including EMC
  • Assembly test capabilities
    • X-ray, electrical length
    • Skew Impedance (characteristic, differential, common mode)
    • Insertion loss, return loss/VSWR
    • TDR (time domain reflectometry)
    • Eye patter, jitter
    • Bit error rate testing (BERT) crosstalk
    • Propagation delay
    • Rise time, fall time, rise time degradation
    • Continuity/DC resistance
    • Hipot/dielectric strength


Test & Measurement RF Cable Assemblies

A wide variety of customizable, high-frequency RF cable assemblies for T&M needs, including coax jumpers, single & multi-position interconnect systems, low-loss flexible interconnect systems, and probes.

UTiPHASE™ Phase Linear Microwave Cable Assemblies

Combines every traditional feature of UTiFLEX® with a thermally phase-stable proprietary dielectric that eliminates the PTFE “knee.”

UTiFLEX® Ultra-Light Cable Assemblies

Optimized for spaceflight applications, our UTiFLEX® Ultra-Light variant features an ARACON® outer shield, an ultra-low-density PTFE dielectric, and a DuPont™ Tefzel® jacket.

Multiport Quick-Connect Harness

Designed to reduce time and cost for the integrator without impacting reliability or performance.

Semi-Rigid Cable Assemblies

Highest-quality assemblies available today for use within RF/Microwave systems, all semi-rigid assemblies are custom-built to meet your specifications.


Octax®-Solo 10 Gbps Ethernet Interconnect System

Single-port, standalone 10 gbps Ethernet connector designed for a wide variety of aerospace and military applications.

Card Edge Connectors

Designed for high-speed, high-density applications and suitable for PCIe Gen 5& 6 Systems, Gen Z systems, SATA Express, SaaS, and NVMe Systems

Fiber Optic

LITEflight® Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Offer unmatched performance in temperature extremes with immunity to electromagnetic inference (EMI).


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