Military grade trays designed and manufactured with the versatility to meet commercial aircraft industry needs. Configured with side-seals and pre-drilled mounting holes for quick and easy drop-in installation, and are customized for forward-fit and are licensed for retrofit.

ARINC 600 Trays

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies ARINC 600 Trays are designed to the following industry specifications: ARINC 600 Standards, FAR Part 25, 23 and 21, RTCA/DO-160, Mil-Std-810, and customer custom environmental conditions.

ABS1699 Trays

Specialized ARINC 600 Tray family designed for installation on all Airbus aircraft. These are forward fit trays and fully qualified to the Airbus performance requirements for equipment mounting racks under the ABS1699 standard.

ARINC 404A Trays

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies ARINC 404A Trays are designed to the following industry specifications: ARINC 404 Standards, FAR Part 25, 23 and 21, RTCA/DO-160, Mil-Std-810, and can be manufactured to custom environmental conditions.

ABS1876 Trays

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) now offers the ABS1876 family of trays, which were recently developed for the Airbus A350 aircraft, but can be used on all Airbus A3xx aircraft.

Lightweight ARINC Trays

Using new materials and a highly refined design CarlisleIT has developed an innovative line of lightweight ARINC trays that are 20% lighter than standard trays while still meeting the rigorous performance criteria of FAR Part 25.

Custom Trays and Mounts

Line replaceable equipment comes in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and interfaces and CarlisleIT has seen them all. Let us help you with your mounting solution using our custom trays and mounts.

Tray Accessories

CarlisleIT offers a variety of accessories and components used for the installation of airborne equipment either as part of trays, shelves, and equipment racks or directly on the equipment itself.

  • Fans
  • Hold-downs
  • Air Filters
  • Mounting Rails
  • Metering Plugs/Grommets
  • Isolators

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