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High-Voltage Wire & Cable

This series encompasses a group of wires and cables used in aerospace applications due to their superior flammability and arc propagation performance, as well as their high corona resistance. In addition, due to their flexibility and easy installation, the products are a great fit for industrial applications. These constructions can operate continuously at 260°C for voltages meeting the SAE standard, AIR7502, Level 3 and Level 4 (300 to 1000 VDC).


High-Voltage Composite Wire

These 1,000-volt wires offer lighter weight and smaller diameters compared to similar extruded constructions in applications up to 260°C. They offer exceptional installation characteristics like Seamless™ Wrap PTFE jacket technology and a high-strand-count, nickel-plated copper conductor.

High-Voltage Extruded Wire

Our high-voltage extruded wires are capable of 1,000-volt performance while maintaining excellent flammability and arc-propagation resistance. They are ideal for applications, such as aerospace, that require a cable with excellent safety factors.

Ultra-Flexible High-Voltage Shielded Composite Wire

These 1,000-volt wires offer exceptional flexibility in smaller-diameter, lightweight construction for applications requiring temperatures up to 260 °C. They feature a nickel-plated copper shield, Seamless™ Wrap PTFE jacket technology, and highly flexible conductor strands.

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