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Introducing Octax®-Solo 10Gb Ethernet Interconnect System

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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies combines state-of-the-art wire and cable production, customized interconnect construction, innovative assembly technology and unsurpassed testing capabilities to deliver world-class product quality and customer support for the medical market.

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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies provides key components for today’s latest SATCOM systems both inside the LRU and on the aircraft. Featured products range from low loss low-frequency cables, RF connectors and antennas to antenna adapter plates and doublers.

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Military & Defense

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has set the standard for Military and Defense interconnect solutions since we were awarded our first contract to work with the Defense Department in 1944. We have been designing and implementing our products and services almost as long as there has been a need for such products in this market.

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CarlisleIT now supplies a line of high reliability products for space-grade applications in orbit and beyond. Our extensive track record in providing microwave transmission line products means you can count on us to deliver proven solutions to your most demanding spaceflight technical challenges.

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Test and Measurement

CarlisleIT is proud to announce the launch of three new products designed with you in mind: CoreGD™, CoreHC™ and Secure-Thread™. These standard multi-port, high density and performance interconnect products provide low cost signal access with excellent signal integrity in complex and crowded applications.

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New Products

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) now offers the ABS1876 family of trays, which were recently developed for the Airbus A350 aircraft,... more
terminal lugs
CarlisleIT offers standard and custom engineered Terminal Lugs & Splices, installation tooling for hex crimps and cable assembly systems.

CarlisleIT's CoreHC™ connector system leads the industry by providing high signal integrity in increasingly dense applications.

A thumbnail of a Secure Thread SSMP® & WMP® Connector

CarlisleIT delivers industry leading signal integrity in one of the smallest threaded lock connector interface available.

Octax®-Solo 10Gb Ethernet connector is a single-port, standalone connector is designed to deliver high-speed data transmission in a compact,... more

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' (CarlisleIT) CoreGD™ connector system leads the industry in providing high signal integrity in increasingly... more

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