Octax® LT

Octax LT Plug & Bulkhead Receptacle

The Octax® LT connector series is a high-performance single-port 10 Gb data connector engineered for airborne applications. This very compact stand-alone connector solution combines multiple key configurations, extends the shield through the connector, and offers the ease of standard 22 gauge crimp contact terminations, making it ideal for commercial aviation use.

Key Characteristics:

  • Use standard M39029 crimp contacts, enabling re-termination and field repair without the expense of single-use connector solutions
  • Engineered for use with CarlisleIT 26 or 24 AWG 10 Gb data cables for optimal performance
  • Silicone boot included to provide environmental protection

  • Two-hole mounting allows use in very tight spaces

  • Connectors exceed CAT 7 Ethernet performance standards

  • Extremely low weight (6.0 gram receptacle and 7.0 gram plug)

Features & Benefits

Feature Benefit
Electroless nickel-plated, die-cast, aluminum shell design Durable and lightweight with great EMI performance
Altitude immersion up to 50,000 feet Ideal for commercial and business aviation
Durable latching system Robust vibration resistant mating
Toolless EMI banding system Robust EMI protection without special tooling
Standard M39029 crimp contacts Standard contacts mean easy and inexpensive termination and rework when needed
Compatible with 26 & 24 AWG Gigabit Series Ethernet cables Choose either a lower weight cable or a larger gauge for longer runs
Field-terminable Standard tools and contacts means easy termination on wing

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