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Adjustable Keeper with Mounting Block

Adjustable Keeper with Mounting Block (P/N 200-105929-101)

Designed as an upgrade to the NAS1637 Adjustable Keeper with Mounting Provisions, this product interfaces with the NAS1637 latch to retain Line Replaceable Units (LRUs) into ARINC 404-style trays. With upgraded materials, finishes, and additional features, it:

  • Exceeds the performance and user experience of build-to-spec NAS1637 keepers
  • Includes a mounting block that allows for installation on avionic trays and maximizes the adjustment range of the keeper

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Structural anodized aluminum construction Minimal concerns for galvanic corrosion compared to the to-spec design.
Lockwire holes Allows for use of .032" diameter lock wire to prevent rotation of assembly when LRU is not installed.
Free running screw thread inserts Greatly improved user experience when adjusting length of product in the field.
O-ring Prevents accidental disassembly of product before it is installed.
Large adjustable length Adjustable range eclipses that of a to-spec NAS1637 adjustable keeper. Screw connecting the mounting block to the Adjustable Keeper has an optimized length to maintain large adjustment range (1.55" – 1.925").

CoreHC Edge Mount

*All measurements are in inches.

Product Information Resources

Adjustable Keeper with Mounting Block datasheet

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