Tray Accessories

Tray Accessories

CarlisleIT offers a variety of accessories and components used for the installation of airborne equipment either as part of trays, shelves, and equipment racks or directly on the equipment itself. Contact us for a solution ideal for your situation.

Adjustable Keeper with Mounting Block

Designed as an alternate to the NAS1637 Adjustable Keeper, this product interfaces with the NAS1637 latch to retain Line Replaceable Units (LRU's) into ARINC 404-style trays.

Advanced Thumbscrew Hold-Downs

The lightweight, high-performance option for when a more advanced hold-down solution is needed. Developed to meet the extreme performance standards of ABS1699, ASNA2168, and RTCA/DO-160.

Insertion-Extraction Hold-Downs

CarlisleIT offers several types of installation force limiting hold-downs with extraction features to protect the blind-mate connectors interfacing your equipment and ease maintenance removal and replacement.

Military Style Hold-Downs

These hold-downs have a secure ratcheting locking mechanism that meets the performance standards of MS14108, MIL-F-85371, are RoHS compliant and are the industry standard for a thumbscrew hold-down restraint of avionics equipment.

Negative Pressure Air Filtration Systems

CarlisleIT offers three types of negative air pressure filtration systems. These systems significantly reduce the ingression of cooling air contaminants entering the equipment with top to bottom cooling flows.

Pneumatic Low Pressure Flow Sensors

Sensor modules for pneumatic detection of cooling system failures are a low cost monitoring solution for your stand alone cooling system and can be interfaced into any low pressure plenum application.

Positive Pressure Air Filtration Systems

Dust and debris is hard on electronics and cooling systems. CarlisleIT offers a variety of positive pressure solutions to capture the contaminants before they ever enter the cooling system or equipment.


CarlisleIT's stand-offs were created for ease of visual inspection by color coding to indicate height and made from aerospace grade aluminum for additional weight savings.

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