Key Features

Ultra High-Speed Interconnect System

CarlisleIT (Carlisle Interconnect Technologies) Octax®-Solo 10Gbps Ethernet connector is a single-port, standalone connector.
The Octax connector:

  • Uses innovative inserts to isolate each twisted pair and contact.
  • Cable and twist is maintained extremely close to the contacts to minimize characteristic impedance mismatch.
  • Each insert serves as an isolated cell to virtually eliminate near-end crosstalk.
  • Capable of operating in data transmission speeds of 10 Gigabits/sec (Gbps) or higher.
  • Delivers 10x the transmission speed (10Gbps signal), and 2x the density compared to quadrax-type solutions.
  • The Octax standard M39029 crimp contacts reduce manufacturing installation time and provide a field repairable solution with ease.

Features & Benefits

FeatureCustomer Benefit
Gigabit and 10 Gbps Ethernet data transfer speedAllows for higher quantities of data to transfer at quicker speeds covering a variety of 1Gb applications and emerging 10Gb needs
Field repairableDesigned for easier and less costly on-site termination repair
Uses standard 22D crimp contacts (M39029)Standard off-the-shelf contacts are readily available and requires no special tooling
Small form factorCritical space savings for highly dense applications
Anti-decoupling/self-locking mechanism for rugged environmentsConnector will not disconnect/uncouple in a high vibration application

Suggested Applications

  • Single-Port 10Gbps Ethernet connector
    (compatible with CarlisleIT Gigabit series Ethernet cables)
    • Aerospace and military
    • Avionics
    • IFEC
    • High Definition Video Displays
    • Data Loading
  • Any high-speed Ethernet application

Part NumberDescription
OCTAX-SOLO-FM-PCB*Straight PCB, flange mount
OCTAX-SOLO-FMR*Flange mount receptacle connector
OCTAX-SOLO-PPlug connector

*In-line and jam nut designs also available

» Download the Octax®-Solo Product Overview

Product Specifications

Test ScopePer SpecificationNotes
Operating Temperature Range-65°C to 175°C
Altitude ImmersionEIA-364-0370,000 ft., 500 VRMS
FungusMIL-STD-810By Similarity
Contamination by FluidsMIL-STD-810By Similarity
Sand and DustMIL-STD-810By Similarity
Corrosion ResistanceEIA-364-26, Condition A100 hrs
Vibration - RandomEIA-364-28, Condition V, Letter "J"
DurabilityMIL-DTL-38999500 Mate/Unmate Cycles
Mating CyclesEIA-364-28, Condition V, Letter "J"
Coupling TorqueEIA-364-8310 mV drop 
Contact Retaining ForceEIA-364-29, Method B6 lbs max, .012" Displacement
Dielectric Withstand VoltageEIA-364-20500VRMS, 60Hz
Data Rate10Gbps
Insertion Loss< 0.3 dB up to 5 GHz
Return Loss> 20 dB up 5 GHz
NEXT and FEXT> 40 dB up 5 GHz
Differential to Common Mode Conversion> 50 dB up 5 GHz

» Download the Octax®-Solo Product Overview