Three images of SMP-L Connectors, including various female connectors, a male connector, and a diagram of the locking mechanism in action.


  • Frequency Range: DC - 40 GHz
  • Unique locking mechanism in a push-on configuration
  • Superior ruggedablitiy & performance compared to standard push-on connectors
  • Fully compatible with SMP standard product line
  • IP67-compliant options available


About two decades ago, the introduction of push-on blindmateable connectors, such as the SMP, galvanized the RF & Microwave industry as their use enabled designers to increase package density by enabling stacking of PC boards, and also simplification in assembly and test of their designs.

This new line of push-on connectors are ideal for rugged military and commercial applications, where susceptibility to vibration and other environmental factors has historically limited designers to use threaded connectors such as the SMA, Type N, etc. SMP-L connectors and cables provide a strong retention force, and are also available in a sealed IP-67 compliant option.


Parameter Specification
Impedance 50 Ω
Frequency range DC – 40 GHz
VSWR 1.5 : 1 (DC– 40 GHz)
Insertion Loss .06 X √f GHz
DWV @ sea level 1500 Vrms
Insulation Resistance 1000 MΩ min
RF High Pot. @ 5MHz: 1000 Vrms
Corona Level @ 70,000’ 375 Vrms
Inner Conductor Resistance 6.0 mΩ
RF Leakage -70 dB
Force to Engage  
Full Detent 2.0 lbs
Smooth Bore 1.5 lbs
Force to Disengage  
Full Detent 4.5 lbs
Smooth Bore 1.0 lbs
Coupling Nut Retention Force  
Radial Misalignment N/A
Axial Misalignment N/A
Temperature range -55˚C to +165˚C
Thermal Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 107, Cond B
Moisture Resistance MIL-STD-202, Method 106, except step 7b
Corrosion MIL-STD-202. Method 101, Cond B
Vibration MIL-STD-202, Method 204, Cond D
Shock MIL-STD-202, Method 213, Cond I

Materials and Finish

Metal Specification
BeCu (Beryllium Copper) ASTM B 196 and/or ASTM B 197
Brass ASTM B 36, B121, B16, B16M
Stainless Steel ASTM A484/ A582 or A555/581
Iron-Nickel-Cobalt ASTM F-15
Dielectric Specification
Virgin PTFE Fluorocarbon ASTM D 1710 and ASTM D 1457
Polyamide-Imide ASTM D5204 Group 2 Class 1
Glass Corning 7070 or Equivalent
Finish Specification
Gold (75u in. Typ.) ASTM-B488 Type 1, Class 1.25
Nickel (100u in. Typ.) SAE AMS-QQ-N-290
Pasivation ASTM A967