Need a cost effective solution to monitor cooling air for your equipment? Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has developed an easy to integrate module that incorporates a high sensitivity pneumatic sensor and aircraft grade relay into a single package. This provides a clear signal if the cooling system fails completely or becomes substantially degraded by fan bearing wear or obstructions. Vacuum or over pressure versions with AC or DC relays are available to allow flexibility for your specific application. The pneumatic low pressure flow sensors are ideally used in MRO and VIP installations.

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» Negative (vacuum) and Positive (over pressure) versions available
» Operation on 115V 400Hz AC or 28V DC aircraft power available
» Simple lead wire hookup
» Normally open and Normally closed relay contacts for signaling
» Barb fitting to allow pneumatic line to run away from sensor for convenient placement

Technical Specifications

» Power: 115V 400Hz AC or 28 VDC Options
» Sensitivity: Pressures as low as 0.1 inches H2O
» RTCA/DO-160D Environmental Conditions
   » Temperature and Altitude Cat A2
   » Temperature Variation Cat B
   » Humidity Cat A
   » Operational Shocks and Crash Safety Cat B
   » Vibration Cat S Curve B2
   » Waterproofness Cat W
   » Fungus Resistance Cat F
   » Power Input Cat E & B
   » Voltage Spike Cat B
   » Audio Frequency Conducted Susceptibility – Power Inputs Cat E & B
   » Induced Signal Susceptibility Cat C