Tufflite® Light Weight - SLT

A thin wall, light weight version of ST which can be used in various constructions. It also has value when considered as a single conductor offering a 5% weight savings over the ST construction while maintaining the same mechanical properties. SLT is available in 150°C, 200ºC and 260ºC.

Key Features

  • Excellent Temperature Performance
  • Superior Flammability and Smoke Generation Properties
  • Excellent Resistance Arc Propagation
  • Light Weight & Small Diameter
  • Best Balance of Properties

Product Construction

Mechanical/Environmental Performance

Voltage Rating 600V
Temperature Rating 150, 200, 260C
Conductor Material Copper/Copper Alloy
Conductor Coating Tin/Silver/Nickel
AWG 26-10


Product Categories

Wire & Cable

Product Markets

Commercial Aerospace

More Information

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