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Carlisle Interconnect Technologies continues to offer contacts and specialty connector design and manufacturing under the Tri-Star Electronics International Brand. Our compressive services also include design of rubber and plastic components, as well as the machining and die-casting of shells and backshells.

Our goal is to be your first choice for custom connectors, which means we must always meet your quality and delivery requirements while offering a competitive solution. Our focus on managing the myriad of details ensures that we will provide you with exceptional quality and reliability, even under your most critical deadlines.

Whether your custom interconnect application takes place in space, aboard an aircraft, or into extreme firewall application, CarlisleIT has the correct solution for your custom connector application.

  • Original Concept and Design
  • Detail Design Engineering
  • Quick-Turnaround Prototypes
  • Qualification Testing
  • Top-Quality Manufacturing
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Exceptional Service
  • Ongoing Support

Part Numbering

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is dedicated to providing the interconnect industry with the broadest selection of high-reliability contacts and the lowest total cost solution for Mil-Aero contacts and specialty connectors. Our relentless pursuit of perfection through continuous improvement is how we are staying ahead of our competition and providing the best solutions for our customers.

CB/CBX All Plastic Connectors

These lightweight-style connectors have a positive latch type lock. CB/CBX connectors are perfect for PC board and blind-mating applications.

CBC/Galley Connectors

Our CBC/Galley Connectors are used by the airframe OMS, galley, and galley insert module suppliers. They have been standardized for ease of maintenance and interchangeability, and are designed to accommodate the many different plug-in warming devices and other ancillary units presently in use world-wide.

CLP/CLPP Circular Connectors

Our CLP/CLPP Circular Connectors are ideal for blind-mating in IFE (In-Flight Entertainment) systems and aircraft galley applications where intermateability with MIL-C-26500 is preferred. These connectors will readily mate with MIL-C-26500 bayonet-type plug MS24266R series connectors and can be PC board-mounted.

CQ Connectors

The CQ connector’s unique design emits an audible click when mated. It is ideal for blind mating applications and hard-to-reach places, such as under passenger seats. It mates with any standard D-Subminiature or MIL-C-24308 connector, when lockpost hardware is installed.

CSLT Connectors

The CSLT is a quick-coupling connector which can be used with PC tail-and-solder cup contacts in the receptacle and standard AS39029 size 20 contacts in the plug. This connector can also be polarized in six different positions. The bayonet post design on this quick-coupling connector is just an example of the capabilities we have available for your custom interconnect solutions.

Low Profile Connectors

CarlisleIT Low Profile connectors are a compact and lightweight solution where weight, space, and/or EMI shielding are critical

ARINC 404 & 600 Filter Connectors

Our ARINC connector capabilities range from standard to complex with custom inserts, filtering, and harnessing options available – we do it all.

D-Sub & Micro-D Connectors

The D-Sub and Micro-D connectors are designed with machined shells for harsh environments and all the standard filtering circuits seen in the circular filter connectors. The D-Dubs come in standard and hi-density arrangements up to 104 pins and the Micro-D's can be wired as required.


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