M-FLEX® Microwave Coaxial Cables are a family of flexible cables designed to accept semi-rigid cable connectors. Unlike other single or double-braided “RG”-type flexible cables, M-FLEX cables are true MIL-DTL-17 compliant microwave cables capable of operating at frequencies up to 70 GHz. The extended frequency range is the result of a precision helically-wrapped, silver-plated, copper-foil inner shield which allows for outstanding flexibility while providing 100% coverage.

M-FLEX Coaxial Cable Assemblies are a tried and proven alternative to traditional semi-rigid coaxial cables, capable of:

  • Comparable electrical performance to semi-rigid cables
  • Easy routing within RF/Microwave Systems due to its flexibility
  • External connections to other equipment

These features, along with CarlisleIT’s anti-torque connector designs (see inset above), remarkably extend the assemblies’ working life, even after many connect/disconnect cycles, allowing you to:

  • Meet deadlines
  • Reduce cost
  • Eliminate tooling and drafting needs
  • Simplify manufacturing

Features & Benefits

High Performance

  • Excellent electrical performance
  • Helical shield for improved loss and phase stability
  • Same line size as semi-rigid cable to optimize assembly loss and VSWR
  • RF Shielding greater than 90 dB to minimize crosstalk and maximize system performance

Easy to Use

  • Improved flexibility compared to semi-rigid and Semi-Flex®
  • Uses standard machines for cutting and stripping, no added investment in time or equipment*
  • Designed for standard, readily available solder-on connectors


  • Stock
  • Packaged on spools in lengths of 50 to 1000 feet to meet a wide variety of volume requirements*
  • Metric lengths available for added flexibility*
  • Low-smoke, zero halogen jacket options to meet specific requirements*
  • Pre-assembled with connectors upon request for added convenience
  • Available in various lengths and connector options

*Applicable to bulk cable only.

Product Information Resources

M-FLEX data sheet

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Wire & Cable

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Commercial Aerospace

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