Low-Profile Connectors

Low Profile Connectors with 50, 15, 26, and 44 position available

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) Low Profile connectors are a compact and lightweight solution where weight, space, and/or EMI shielding are critical. Utilizing Plated Composite Thermoplastic materials they offer approximately 15-20 percent weight savings. Comparable in size, but higher in density to D subminiature configurations, these connectors are a field repairable option to a prewired connector of similar size, and density. Ideal for use in applications for signal, USB, Ethernet, and audio connections.

Feature Customer Benefit
Utilizes standard MIL-C-39029 contacts Utilizing standard contacts vs. custom contacts for faster and economic solution Standard crimp, insertion, and removal tools can be used. This can drive cost savings Contacts are readily available from various sources (off the shelf) reducing lead time for delivery Crimp Contacts allow for field repair/installation; saving time and money
Compact and light weight in comparision to a standard D-subminiature connector Up to 60% higher contact density of a standard D-Subminiature connector in similar footprint 30% smaller in width, and height than standard D- Subminiature connector/backshell assemblies 30% lighter than standard D-Subminiature connector/backshell assemblies Customizable materials, i.e. aluminum, steel, and composite
High density design; similar to contact density of a micro D-subminiature connector Field reparable, replaceable insert, and contact technology in the place of a prewired, potted, non- reparable assembly system as found in a Micro D-subminiature connector On a similar footprint, and pin count as Micro D-subminiature connector; you receive a better performing contact, and ability to carry more current, and voltage per contact line
Excellent shell to shell conductivity Our solution provides better performing grounding path than standard D-Sub/Micro-D
High temperature capable up to 175°C Compliant with aerospace flammability and toxicity requirements
Part Number Description Dimension (Inches) Weight (Grams) Cable Entry Dia (Mm)
  Jack screw latching configuration: A B C D E F    
CLPCC22SC-50P-PCB* 50 pos. PCB plug connector 2.06 0.857 1.401 1.72 0.41 N/A 14.5 N/A
CLPCC22-50P-CS* 50 pos. cable side plug connector 1.38 0.37 N/A N/A 0.41 N/A 5 N/A
CLPCC22-50S-CS* 50 pos. cable side receptacle connector 1.38 0.59 N/A N/A 0.41 N/A 5.5 N/A
CLPCBS-SC-15XP-S* 50 pos. receptacle bksh, straight exit 1.92 1.81 1.555 1.72 0.45 N/A 16.5 15
CLPCBS-SC-15XP-60* 50 pos. receptacle bksh, 60° exit 1.92 1.74 1.555 1.72 0.45 N/A 15 15
CLPCBS-PC-15XP-S* 50 pos. plug bksh, straight exit 1.92 1.74 1.53 1.72 0.45 N/A 13.5 15
CLPCBS-PC-15XP-60* 50 pos. plug bksh, 60° exit 1.92 1.81 1.53 1.72 0.45 N/A 13.5 15
Isometric with Latching Arms Configuration
CLP-10P-15P-PCB** 15 pos. PCB plug connector 1.59 0.90 0.83 1.36 0.33 N/A 6.1 N/A
CLP-10P-15P** 15 pos. cable side plug connector 0.76 1.43 0.76 N/A 0.40 N/A 14.0 12
CLP-10R-15S** 15 pos. cable side receptacle connector 0.76 1.43 0.76 N/A 0.40 N/A 11.5 12
CLP-20P-26P-PCB** 26 pos. PCB plug connector 2.00 0.86 1.19 1.77 0.33 1.35 9.0 N/A
CLP-20P-26P** 26 pos. cable side plug connector 0.99 0.63 0.94 N/A 0.32 N/A 16.8 12
CLP-20R-26S** 26 pos. cable side receptacle connector 0.99 0.38 0.94 N/A 0.32 N/A 16.0 12
CLP-40P-44P-PCB** 44 pos. PCB plug connector 2.60 0.90 1.79 2.37 0.33 N/A 14.0 N/A
CLP-40P-44P** 44 pos. cable side plug connector 2.20 1.53 1.76 1.98 0.40 N/A 19.3 15
CLP-40R-26S** 44 pos. cable side receptacle connector 2.10 1.53 1.76 N/A 0.40 N/A 25.0 15

*Items in production **Available designs

Low Profile Connectors with latching arms Configuration Low Profile Connectors with latching arms Configuration. Product data sheets, and test reports available upon request.

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