high reliability contacts

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of high reliability contacts. We maintain close to 400 QPL approvals for AS39029 contacts, far more than any other manufacturer. In addition to Mil-Std contacts, we also offer the full line of AECMA, EN (including EN3155 contacts), BACC, ESC, and BAN contacts. CarlisleIT also offers the full range of contact types including Crimp, Printed Circuit Tail, Thermocouple, Coaxial, Solder Cup & Wire Wrap, Twinax & Quadrax Contacts and specialized custom design.

We have been independently manufacturing contacts since 1976. Our over thirty years of experience has enabled us to develop into the lowest cost solution provider for high reliability contacts. Our manufacturing capabilities are the industry’s finest and have been continuously improved over the years through the internal design and development of custom manufacturing and automated assembly and plating equipment. Our custom annealers, platers, hooders and stripers allow CarlisleIT to offer the lowest total cost solution to our customers.

In addition to manufacturing, we have decades of experience and a dedicated team to support your design requirements. Our extensive experience enables us to help you design the best fit for your new requirement or to determine the optimum redesign to solve a current issue. We are large enough to provide the scale to quickly address your needs, but small enough to ensure that your project will get priority with our engineering and production teams.

We take great pride in being the Contact Specialists and we work tirelessly at staying ahead of the competition through product innovations and manufacturing advancement. Let CarlisleIT work for you to give you the most reliable products and the lowest cost.