custom cable assembly

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies aerospace grade copper and optical fiber cable assemblies and harnesses provide the perfect solution to a wide variety of demanding harsh environment interconnections. Whether in the wing, seatback, cockpit, EFB, IFE, or a fuel quantity system, the precision crafted assemblies make a perfect connection to instrumentation, sensors, and all other systems and control devices. If it flies, drives, floats, or orbits the earth, CarlisleIT has the knowledge and experience to deliver cable assemblies that are appropriate for every demanding application.

CarlisleIT has delivered Aerospace and RF/Microwave assemblies in all shapes and sizes from the precision formed semi-rigid RF cable, digital transmission cables, to exact breakouts and connections within complex wire routings. CarlisleIT custom made jigs and fixtures use 1-to-1 engineered layouts to achieve the desired 3-dimensional length and form. The use of integrated real time testing ensures that each connection is correct and the cable meets the complete electrical test requirements before leaving the build fixture.

Whether for Commercial Aerospace, Military, Marine, or Rail, CarlisleIT's vertical integration of cables, connectors, and assemblies delivers solutions for every type of application and installation on aircraft, helicopters, missiles, ground transport, ships, and trains.

CarlisleIT’s lean Operating System (COS) provides our customers the most streamlined, cost-effective, fully manufactured, tested, and ready-to-install products built to your design needs and specifications. Take the burden off your operations and focus on your core business. Operate leaner and more streamlined with CarlisleIT building your products with quality, consistency, on time, and for less money.