Gigabit-10HP™ Ethernet Cables

Gigabit-10HP™ Ethernet Cables

Gigabit-10HP™ cables with Bonded-Pairs and X-Web ensure reliable 10 Gigabit performance up to 500 MHz at distances of up to 90m in the most extreme routing and application environments.

Key Features

  • Bonded-Pair design maintains uniformly fixed conductor-to-conductor centricity along the length of each twisted pair, ensuring superior electrical performance and cable reliability
  • Innovative X-Web central spline positions the wire pairs precisely to reduce crosstalk
  • Small size, light weight, durable and easy to install
  • Applications include Ethernet backbones, high-definition video, avionics, cabin management systems and ground vehicle bus

Gigabit 10 HP Ethernet Cable Cutaway

Pairs Four (4) Bonded-Pairs
Conductor 24 AWG stranded (19x36) silver-plated copper alloy
0.0235in/0.60mm diameter
Insulation Extruded fluoropolymer
Spline X-Web
Binder Skive PTFE tape
Inner Shield Aluminum/Mylar
100% coverage
Outer Shield Round silver-plated copper braid
85% minimum coverage
0.245in/6.22mm diameter
Jacket Transparent Blue or Black extruded FEP
0.270in/6.86mm diameter

Mechanical/Environmental Performance

Impedance 100 Ohms
DC Resistance 2.76 Ohms/100 ft (24 AWG)
Vp 70%
Attenuation 26.4 ohms/100 m @ 100 MHz
Weight/K ft 55 lbs/1000 ft
Size .290 in
Min. Bend Radius .50 in
Operating Temperature -55 to 150C
Other ROHS Compliant
Meets FAR 25.853 and Boeing/Airbus Smoke and Toxicity

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