Vibration and Shock Testing

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies offers Vibration and Mechanical Shock Testing to provide insight into how a product will behave when in service. The type of test and intensity depend on the application and location of the product.

Vibration curves vary in type and intensity with the goal of simulating the vibration environment a product with encounter. These curves can simulate environments found in helicopters, turboprop planes, and more.

Mechanical shock tests vary in intensity, usually measured in g’s, and can simulate a typical operational environment or worse case scenarios where the failure mode of a product is coupled with customer safety.

Available Tests
  • Sinusoidal Vibration Tests
  • Random Vibration Tests
  • Sine-on-Random Vibration Tests
  • Random-on-Random Vibration Tests
Evaluate the behavior of a product in a vibration environment. Conformance to product/specification requirements.
  • Resonant Frequency Determination
Determine the resonate frequencies of a product.
  • Mechanical Shock Testing
Evaluate the behavior of a product when subjected to sudden deceleration.

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