If you’re innovating for your business, you need an innovative interconnect solutions partner you can trust to provide the design and engineering capabilities that will help make your idea a reality. At CarlisleIT there are over 350 engineers and test professionals who work every day to meet all your engineering, development and qualification needs in-house, giving you a head-start on your product development process. Our ability to create custom solutions means you have a true partner in innovation as you move your business forward.

Using creative design and efficient material specification, CarlisleIT provides a turnkey approach to creating solutions that offer flexibility for a wide range of product design and installation needs. Our dedicated professional staff will research complex system specifications, source optimum components and use only high-quality materials. Your design will then be tailored for the individual scope and requirements of the specific application or system type.

Our engineering team provides a comprehensive suite of technical capabilities that let us provide you with real-world interconnect solutions that help you optimize your current product offering, and your most ambitious future initiatives.

Technical Capabilities

  • Acceptance Test Plan (ATP)

  • Acceptance Test Report (ATR)

  • Acoustic Noise Emission Test Plan

  • Acoustic Noise Emission Test Report

  • Aerodynamic Analysis

  • Aerodynamic Instability Analysis

  • Air Leakage Test Plan

  • Air Leakage Test Report

  • Aircraft Flight Manual (AFM) or Supplement

  • Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM) or Supplement

  • Avionics Systems Analysis

  • Beacon Light Evaluation

  • Bird Strike Trajectory Analysis

  • Compliance Report (FAR)

  • Compliance Report (Technical Specification)

  • Component Maintenance Manual (CMM) or Supplement

  • Cooling Test Plan (Thermal Stability Appraisal)

  • Cooling Test Report (Thermal Stability Appraisal)

  • Damage Tolerance Assessment (DTA)

  • Data List (Master or Supplemental)

  • Declaration of Design Performance (DDP)

  • Decompression or Overpressure Burst Test Plan

  • Decompression or Overpressure Burst Test Report

  • Differences Summary Document

  • Electrical Load Analysis

  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Immunity Testing

  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Test Plan

  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Test Report

  • Engineering Order (EO)

  • Environmental Test Plan

  • Environmental Test Report

  • Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)

  • Fire Penetration Test Plan

  • Fire Properties Assessment or Fire Properties Test Report

  • Fire Properties Test Plan

  • Flight Test Procedure

  • Ground Test Procedure

  • Grounding and Bonding Report

  • Functional Hazard Analysis

  • Heat Release Test Plan

  • Icing Analysis

  • Illustrated Parts List (IPL) or Supplement

  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness (ICA)

  • Instructions for Continued Airworthiness EWIS

  • Interface Connectors List

  • Interface Loads Analysis

  • Materials and Usage Summary

  • Product Specification

  • Project Specific Certification Plan (PSCP)

  • Qualification Test Plan (QTP)

  • Qualification Test Report (QTR)

  • Reliability Analysis

  • Service Bulletin

  • Smoke Containment Test Plan

  • Smoke Containment Test Report

  • Smoke Detection Test Plan

  • Smoke Detection Test Report

  • Static Test Plan

  • Structural Comparative Analysis Report

  • Structural Repair Manual (SRM) or Supplement

  • Structural Substantiation Plan

  • Structural Substantiation Report

  • Structural Substantiation Summary

  • Sway Space Analysis

  • System Safety Assessment (SSA)

  • Ultimate Strength Analysis (USA)

  • Ventilation Air Flow Analysis

  • Ventilation Test Plan

  • Ventilation Test Report

  • Vibration and/or Shock Test Plan

  • Vibration and/or Shock Test Report

  • Weight & Balance Report

  • Weight Progress Report

  • Windmilling Analysis

  • Windmilling Test Plan

  • Windmilling Test Report

  • Wiring Diagram Manual (WDM) or Supplement

Build-to-Print Manufacturing
When you partner with CarlisleIT, you’re connected to a customized resource for build-to-print manufacturing initiatives of any scope. Our build-to-print capabilities are strategically aligned to give you complete control over the design and product modification process. Inside our full-service fabrication facility, we can manufacture avionics support products from customer-supplied drawings with product modifications you control. CarlisleIT manufacturing engineers are involved as needed throughout the process to facilitate manufacturability, maximize cost-savings, and minimize waste. Finally, we incorporate a formalized program for tracking customer documents, revisions, and updates to ensure customer-authorized change control and unit-to-unit repeatability between production runs.

Build-to-Print Process

  • Manufacturing engineers and production personnel review customer-supplied drawings to ensure cost-effective production

  • Recommended design or material modifications are submitted for customer approval prior to production

  • Approved customer-supplied drawings are entered into the Customer Document Log (CDL) with all updates recorded as needed during the production process

  • Final production adheres to strict in-house written procedures and approved engineering data to ensure on-time delivery

Fabrication Capabilities

  • Metal Fabrication - Sheet Metal, Billet, or Bar Stock

  • Harness Assembly & Test

  • Mechanical Assembly & Test

  • Qualification Testing

  • Customization of Product for Private Label

  • Industrialization for Mass Production

Qualification & Testing

  • Custom fixtures

  • Hydraulic loading

  • Automated data collection


  • 8,000 lb-force (35 kN) vibration test system

  • Full range of vibration tests supported


  • Air Flow, Distribution, Leakage and Cooling

  • Acoustic Noise Generation

  • Smoke Containment and Smoke Detection

  • Mechanical Reliability and Endurance

  • Electrical Interconnect and Signature

  • Hi Pot, Insulation Resistance and Bonding

“Carlisle is very detail oriented, by the book, they’re going to do it the right way ... Carlisle’s engineering has been very good, very detailed."

- Doug R.