Octax-Solo: Connecting to the office at 30,000 feet

Published: 07/06/2017

Recently we launched the Octax®-Solo 10Gbps Ethernet connector. In preparing to write this blog post, I asked myself, “How is this relevant to the Aerospace industry?”

We see it every day.

Advances in technology have led us to expect streaming video on demand, instant access to our VPN network, and a constant connection to our social media accounts anywhere we go. All of this requires access to tremendous amounts of data… and quick!

This expectation does not change when we board our next flight headed for the beach. If anything, we crave it even more as we look forward to being squeezed in to a plane with 150 new BFFs!

On a more serious note, in the Mil-Def world, mission and surveillance systems of today require extreme amounts of data to feed cockpit displays, relay real-time video, and transmit information that is critical to the safety and security of our fighting forces.

The Octax-Solo is specifically designed to withstand the rigors of intense vibration, extreme temperature changes, and other environmental conditions that can impact the intended performance of the system while supporting 10G ethernet.

No matter what the mission is, Octax-Solo is the solution for high-speed Ethernet.

Learn more about Octax-Solo by visiting our website or shoot me a quick email if you have a question: beth.curtis@carlisleit.com.