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ADS-B - Closer Than You Think!
by Lejla | Connect With a Tech
Happy New Year! With 2018 already here, the 2020 deadline to become ADS-B compliant is just around the corner. With this looming deadline, we at CarlisleIT are currently working with the industry to co...

Octax-Solo: Connecting to the office at 30,000 feet
by | A Word From Our President
Recently we launched the Octax®-Solo 10Gbps Ethernet connector. In preparing to write this blog post, I asked myself, “How is this relevant to the Aerospace industry?” We see it ever...

Word of the Week: “VSWR”
by | Connect With a Tech
VSWR (n): Voltage Standing Wave Ratio A ratio which helps define performance for a microwave transmission line, VSWR is a specification used to convey how well a device will transfer an inciden...

What We Learned at the IFAI Expo 2016
by | A Word From Our President
If you didn’t make it out to the Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) Expo, we’ve got you covered. Here are our takeaways from the event as they relate to the conductive...

Word of the Week: “Dielectric Constant”
by | Connect With a Tech
Dielectric Constant (n): The dielectric constant is the ratio of the permittivity of a substance to the permittivity of free space. It is an expression of the extent to which a material concentrat...

How Technology Could Affect the Clothes You Wear
by | Connect With a Tech
It’s 6:30 a.m. You admire the hues of purple and pink in the sky as you stretch in anticipation of your morning run. As you slowly begin to jog, you feel your heart rate increase. You take a de...

5 Interconnect Technologies That Will Help Keep You Safe in Inclement Weather
by | Connect With a Tech
Staying connected during storm season is key – here are five innovative technologies that will keep you informed even in harsh weather environments. 1. Transient Voltage Suppression (TVS) Co...

Word of the Week: “Raw Cable Flex Life”
by | A Word From Our President
Q: What is raw cable flex life? A: Raw cable flex life defines the durability of a cable to survive flexing as it’s being used. An optimal cable flex life depends on the cable’s desig...

5 Reasons Fiber Optics Should be Your Best Friend
by | Connect With a Tech
Have you ever considered how fiber optic technology might benefit your application? Here are five reasons why fiber optic interconnects should be your go-to high speed data solution: 1. Fiber opti...

How HDMI 2.0 Could be Changing the Way We “See” Medical Technology
by | Connect With a Tech
For this week’s “Connect with a Tech,” we caught up with Medical Applications Engineer, Theron Page, to get his take on high-speed data trends in the medical industry. Q: Why 4K?...

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