Panavia Aerospace Cables

A range of single, multi core and Thermocouple cables designed, manufactured and fully released to meet the requirements of PANAVIA.

Key Features

  • Available as single, multi core and thermocouple wire & cable designs
  • Cables designed for excellent chemical, abrasion, or impact strength properties
  • Wide temperature range
  • Manufactured and fully released to meet the requirements of PANAVIA


PAN 6411, PAN 6412, PAN 6413
PAN 6417, PAN 6420, PAN 6421
PAN 6423, PAN 6424, PAN 6425
PAN 6428, PAN 6429, PAN 6476
PAN 6481

Mechanical/Environmental Performance

Click here for PDF of table. 

NPC (Nickel Plated Copper)
SPC (Silver Plated Copper)

Product Categories

Wire & Cable

Product Markets

Commercial Aerospace

More Information

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