High-performance, lightweight, cost-effective coaxial cable solutions for aerospace, military and commercial applications

  • MIL-DTL-17 — The standard for a wide range of military and commercial applications

    • Constructed with either solid or stranded silver-plated conductors 

    • Insulated with an extruded PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) dielectric

    • Outstanding resistance to chemicals, oils and lubricants

    • High screen coverage to enhance electromagnetic interference (EMI) performance

    • Superior dielectric properties

  • Avionics RF cable — Configured specifically for aerospace avionics systems requiring low-loss cable with frequencies between DC and 12 GHz

  • BMS 13-65 — Manufactured, tested and qualified in accordance with the Boeing BMS 13-65 specification.

    • -55°C to 200°C operating range

    • Tape wrapped PTFE dielectric

    • Designed for use in pressurized or unpressurized aircraft environment For information on all the BMS specs we are qualified to make

    For information on all the BMS specs we are qualified to make

  • Precision-fabricated semi-rigid cable

  • M-Flex

  • MaxForm® cable - A hand-formable alternative to semi-rigid cable. With its 100% shield coverage, it provides equivalent performance to MIL-C-17 semi-rigid, but can be formed by hand without the use of bending equipment.