Perfect for applications in engine compartments, fire detection circuits, flight critical systems and fly-by-wire systems where superior performance and temperature resistance are critical.

Thermazone™ Wire & Cable — Wire designed to withstand aircraft engine fire-zones, operating continuously at 260°C, and for minimum of 15 minutes of direct flame exposure up to 2000°F (1093°C)

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SWAMP Wire — Designed for Severe Weather and Moisture Prone (SWAMP) applications, such as wheel housings, wings and engine nacelles


Part Name AWG Insulation Diameter Nominal Type Weight lbs 1000 ft
ESW-1252-042 ESW
ESW-1253-012 ESW
ESW-1253-022 ESW
ESW-1253-032 ESW
ESW-1253-042 ESW
ESW-1254-010 ESW
ESW-1254-022 ESW
ESW-1254-032 ESW
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