Aluminum hex-crimp terminal lugs and splices — 65 percent lighter than copper equivalents, environmentally sealed and hydrostatically tested to 80 psi, and meet the toughest certification requirements to provide maximum reliability.

Unique hex-crimp design allows for a crimp installation that produces no flash, saving costly operator time and eliminating damage to the protective plating. Certifications include EN 3373-001, EN 2591-305.

CarlisleIT engineers connectors, installation tooling, and cable assembly systems that meet the most demanding of specifications. CarlisleIT qualifies products to those specifications and manufactures to meet uncompromising delivery schedules.

Large Gauge Aluminum Splices from CarlisleIT offers the fastest installation in the industry—a single crimp on each barrel that leaves no burrs for removal in secondary operations. Additionally, the crimps may be applied at any rotational angle on the barrel, and the crimps on each barrel may be oriented at any angle to one another, allowing for quick and easy installation even when the cables being spliced are routed against walls. Standard splices are available for traditional butt splicing of aluminum conductors and transition splicing from copper to aluminum conductors.

Custom designed for jet engine firewalls and other applications where survival under high-temperatures and high vibrations is critical