Complete end-to-end design and manufacturing of custom and standard, off-the-shelf connectors that require tight space constraints and extreme environment survival, including card edge, circular, D-sub and rectangular configurations.

  • CQ Connectors — Unique design emits an audible click when mated, making it ideal for blind-mating applications in hard-to-reach places. Mates with any standard Subminiature D-sub or MIL-C-24308 connector when lock-post hardware is installed

  • CBC/Galley Connectors — Used by the airframe OEMs and suppliers of galleys and galley insert modules worldwide, CarlisleIT CBC/Galley connectors are standardized for ease of maintenance and interchangeability, and are designed to accommodate plug-in warming devices and other ancillary units

  • CB/CBX Plastic Connectors — Lightweight connectors with a positive latch-type lock — perfect for PC board and blind-mating applications

  • ARINC 400 and 600 — Capabilities range from standard to complex with custom inserts, filtering and harnessing options

  • CLP/CLPP Circular Connectors — Ideal for blind-mating within In-Flight Entertainment systems and aircraft galley applications where intermateability with MIL-C-26500 is preferred, these connectors will readily mate with MIL-C-26500 bayonet-type plug MS24266R series connectors and can be PC-board mounted

  • CSLT Connectors — Quick-coupling connector can be used with PC Tail and Solder Cup contacts in the receptacle, and standard AS39029 size 20 contacts in the plug

  • Subminiature D-sub Connectors — Designed and engineered to meet the rugged-performance Mil-Spec requirements for military applications

  • Micro-USB — Micro-USB plug and receptacle packaged into a Mil-C-38999 III size 11 shell provides Mil-Spec performance for a commercial industry standard in a very small footprint