Nearly three decades of designing and maufacturing coaxial connectors, CarlisleIT offers a complete family of RF/Microwave connectors to include SMP, SSMP®, WMP, TMP, SMP-L®, and XMP.

Complete line of precision RF and Microwave adapters and connectors for interconnect systems in a wide variety of options:

  • Push-On — Designed for packaging within RF/Microwave systems, push-on connectors are the interconnect system of choice. Products include:

    • WMP Connectors

    • SSMP Connectors

    • SMP Connectors

    • SMP-L Secure-Lok™ Connectors

    • TMP® Connectors – High-Power Push-on

    • High-Density Block Connectors

    • XMP™ Interconnect Series

      Carlisle Interconnect Technologies introduces the XMP™ interconnect series designed to provide a convenient blind-mateable solution, specifically for ultra high-power applications. The XMP™ connectors combine our design expertise in push-on connectors with application specific materials to achieve high-power handling capability at RF frequencies. Similar to its predecessors, the XMP™ series is durable in construction and can tolerate radial and axial misalignment for multiple engagement/disengagement cycles without degradation in electrical performance.

  • Threaded — Threaded coaxial connectors are widely designed into aerospace, military, defense and space systems, forming the essential building blocks in many phased array radars, missiles, satellites and test instruments. Connector types include:

    • SMA Connectors

    • 1.85mm (V*) Connectors

    • 2.4mm

    • 2.92mm (K*) Connectors

    • Type N Connectors

    • TNC Connectors

    • SSMA Connectors

  • Secure-Thread™ — SSMP® and WMP® connector systems lead the Test & Measurement industry in providing high signal integrity in one of the smallest threaded-lock connector interfaces available.

  • Ganged — High-performance ganged interconnect systems include our CoreGD™ and CoreHC™ connector systems, providing the industry with optimal, high signal integrity in increasingly dense applications.