Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) offers a full range of fiber optic cable assemblies including fiber jumpers, connectorized assemblies, highly complex breakout assemblies, long length assemblies and fiber harnessing on racks, trays or other structures and terminates all common connector and termini designs. CarlisleIT offers industry-leading testing capabilities to guarantee unmatched assembly performance in the most demanding operating environments.

Complete design and system engineering for a wide variety of Aerospace & Military connectors:

  • MIL-C-24308 (Subminiature D-sub)

  • MIL-C-38999 (Mil-Circular)

  • MIL-C-5015 (Mil-Circular)

  • MIL-C-26482 (Mil-Circular)

  • MIL-C-26500 (Mil-Circular)

  • ARINC 404 & 600 Rack & Panel

  • EN4165/ ARINC 809/ BACC65 (Rectangular)

  • Quadrax (Ethernet)

  • RJ45 & RJ11 (Communications)

  • ABS (Airbus Circular & Rectangular)

  • BACC (Boeing Circular & Rectangular)

  • EN (European Norm Circular & Rectangular)