CoreHC™ RF Interconnect System

When Signal Integrity and Density Matter

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) CoreHC™ is a high performance multi-port interconnect system with 4mm spacing pitch. It offers excellent signal integrity for complex layouts and crowded PCBs used in a variety of applications. It is a low-cost solution optimized for applications with demanding bandwidths up to 65 GHz.

  • Commercial off-the-shelf interconnect system available today.

  • CoreHC unique compression force design enable single-piece, solderless solutions, resulting in high mating cycles and ease of use.

  • Flexible selection of configurations and reusable connectors empower the user to design lowest cost solutions.

Leveraging our deep technical expertise and application knowledge, we partner with customers to develop custom, hybrid RF + Digital + Power interconnect solutions for your unique and demanding requirements.

Download the CarlisleIT CoreHC™ Product Overview (.pdf)

CoreHC Features and Benefits

Feature Customer Benefit
DC to 65GHz Frequency range Supports a variety of applications today and emerging applications of tomorrow, reducing overall cost
One-piece interface for vertical-mount type 8mm to 20mm stack-up height in 2mm increments to meet certain height restrictions
One piece interface, no soldering to the board required Saves time and reduces costs because no soldering to the board is required; only PEM nuts are used for installation and removal
Zero force to disengage Eliminates damage to PCB solder joints and footprints
20,000 mate/demate cycles High signal integrity in a long-life package provides high performance and lower cost of ownership
Smaller overall footprint size 2.5mm pitch to access signals in dense environments and save PCB space
2, 5 and 10 pico-second phase matching High signal integrity
SMA, 2.92mm, 2.4mm and 1.85mm cable-side connectors Supports frequencies up to 65GHz
0.047, 0.087 and 0.092 coax cables are available High-performance, microwave-grade, flexible coaxial cables offer high density, high frequency and low losses
Edge launch/mount option Offers design flexibility for complex board layouts
Multiple channels Standard products available in single row, 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10 channels; custom configurations upon request
Multiple signal probing Probing is possible on single-ended or differential signals
Flexible cables Offers high electrical and mechanical stability
Tilt protection Shape of housings ensures high mechanical stability
Keying Eliminates mismating
No custom tooling required Interconnect mounts on board with standard tools
Solder-free installation Field reconfigurable or replaceable

Typical Application Small Footprint and Dense Configuration

CoreHC Specifications and Performance

Specifications and Performance

Parameter Specification
Frequency Range DC to 65 GHz
Impedence 50 Ω +/- 2.5
VSWR Frequency Range VSWR Return Loss
DC–20GHz 1.2:1 >=26dB at DC to 65GHz
20GHz–30GHz 1.25:1 >=17dB at 26.5GHz to 50GHz
30GHz–65GHz 1.40:1 > = 14dB from 50GHz
to 65GHz
Insertion Loss 047 type cable; -2.2dB (max) at 20GHz 087 type cable; -1.15dB (max) at 20GHz 092 type cable;
-0.7dB (max) at 20GHz
Working Voltage 335V RMS max @ sea level
DWV (Dielectric Withstand Voltage 500V RMS (min)
Insulation Resistance 5000 M Ω (min)
RF High Potential 100 VRMS @ 5MHz
Force to Engage | Smooth Bore 60g (max per channel)
Force to disengage | Smooth Bore 0 (max per channel)
Insertion Life 20,000 mating/ demating cycles
Phase Matching 2, 5 and 10ps
Pitch 2.5mm
Form Factor Compression Mounts directly to board
Interface (Cable End to Equipment) Female or male SMK 2.92mm or V 1.85mm
Temperature Range -65°C to 150°C
Environmental Meets MIL-STD-202 for corrosion, vibration moisture resistance, thermal and mechanical shock

CoreHC Direct Attach — Insertion Loss

Return Loss .047 type (dB)

CoreHC Part Numbering System

PCB Mount Connector # of Rows # of Channels per Row Orientation Plating Thickness
S = Single Row 02 = 2 Channels per row
04 = 4 Channels per row
06 = 6 Channels per row
08 = 8 Channels per row
10 = 10 Channels per row
VL = Vertical

30 = 30 AU Microinch
50 = 50 AU Microinch

Cable Assembly # of Rows # of Channels per Row Cable Type End Two Option Cable Length Phase Matching (Max)
S = Single Row 02 = 2 Channels per row
04 = 4 Channels per row
06 = 6 Channels per row
08 = 8 Channels per row
10 = 10 Channels per row
2 = Flexible Coax 047
4 = Semi-Rigid 047
HC = Core HC
36 = SMA-M
38 = SMA-F
K6 = 2.92 M
K8 = 2.92 F
03 = 3 Inch
06 = 6 Inch
09 = 9 Inch
12 = 12 Inch
15 = 15 Inch
18 = 18 Inch
24 = 24 Inch
30 = 30 Inch
A = 2.5 Picoseconds
B = 5 Picoseconds
C = 10 Picoseconds
Example Order Configuration
PCB Connector P/N Cable Connector P/N Description
CHB-S-02-VL-30 mates with CHC-S-02-2-36-12-C Single row, two channel, vertical, 30 plating thickness, board mount connector:
Single row, 2 channel, Flex Coax 047, SMA-M on end two, 12 inch long, 10 phase match cable

CoreHC Part Numbering System (.pdf)

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