Aracon Fiber

Lightweight. Strong. Flexible

ARACON® is a high strength conductive fiber made from KEVLAR®, the same material used for bullet resistant vests. Our engineers quickly recognized that by substituting the ARACON® fiber in place of the silver plated copper braid traditionally used in our coaxial cables, we had the potential to reduce the weight by up to 30% and have a stronger connector attachment.

Braided EMI Shields

ARACON® brand metal clad fibers are available in various types of tubular braided EMI shielding for your most demanding applications.

Coaxial Cable

UTiFLEX® Ultralight Spaceflight and Airframe cable assemblies from Micro-Coax are optimized for aerospace applications.


Micro-Coax presents ARACON® brand metal clad fibers. ARACON® combines the conductivity of an outer metal coating with the strength, light weight, and flexibility of aramid fibers.


ARACON® ribbon is ideal for shielding problems that do not allow a tubular braided material to be applied.

Smart Fabric

Originally designed for space applications, ARACON is increasingly being utilized in more earthly applications such as smart fabrics.

More Information

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