Carlisle Interconnect Technologies avionics RF assemblies are designed for flexibility in-field installation, termination, and maintenance.  Assemblies are field repairable with crimp terminations and spare parts are readily available from our Franklin, WI facility and a variety of distribution partners.

To accelerate the process of stripping the ECS brand coaxial cables, CarlisleIT offers a Portable Coaxial Cable Stripper with cutter kits sized specifically to match the recommended strip dimensions on the ECS line of cable products.

CarlisleIT also offers RF troubleshooting test kits, with adapters for all types of avionics cables and analysis equipment to pin point trouble spots.  For more information, ask about our 11044 Series RF Troubleshooter Kits.

If you need spare parts for any ECS brand cable or connector, we have most items available in stock and ready to ship the same day.  If you need help identifying the correct components, contact our team with the part number of your cable assembly and we can help.

There are six components of connector designs that must be evaluated when considering a low PIM design: contact design, connector interface, connector internal junctions, cable attachment, materials, and plating.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies’ application engineering group has developed specialized low PIM cable assemblies for installation of antenna and electronic systems.

The prevention of PIM only starts with high-performance designs and components. The most common source of PIM is created within the coaxial component terminations. Contamination-free precision assembly technique is essential for low PIM performance.

CarlisleIT application and manufacturing engineers have optimized our low PIM cable and connector products and developed termination procedures for clean, tight-tolerance RF assemblies that will reduce the introduction and effects of PIM into your performance-driven SATCOM systems.

Erroneous Radio Altimeter (Rad Alt) height indications are a frequent nuisance for flight crews and a costly problem for flight operations. More often than not, these spurious warnings are due to water ingress into the Rad Alt coax cables and/or Rad Alt antenna itself. The typical maintenance procedure to correct this problem has been to replace the antennas or the antenna cables every time a fault occurs!

To address this issue, CarlisleIT has developed the FlightGear™ Rad Alt Cable Assemblies that are designed and proven to withstand the constant pressurization cycles and the harsh SWAMP (Severe Weather and Moisture Prone) environment of the aircraft belly. The FlightGear™ Rad Alt Cable Assemblies help to greatly reduce or eliminate the costly problems and aircraft maintenance associated with radio altimeters and water ingression frequently occurring in other standard coax cable assemblies.

With a full suite of engineering and manufacturing services, CarlisleIT is capable of supporting any of your system installation and certification requirements no matter what aircraft you’re flying.


  • Robust design and construction
  • Special seals prevent water ingress into the cable and connector
  • Compatible with OEM and Airframe requirements
  • Available for multiple airframes
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Airworthiness Approved
  • In-house engineering and certification services

Technical Information

  • 6,000+ submerged pressurization life-cycles
  • Flammability per 14CFR Part 25.869
  • Vibration, Shock, Thermal Shock, Corrosion and Moisture Resistance per Mil-Std-202
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