Precision-Fabricated Semi-Rigid Cable

CarlisleIT has a long history of providing precision fabricated semi rigid cables in both feed-thru and surface mount configurations for applications ranging from mobile telephones, to military communications equipment, to the latest “smart” wireless devices. The cables provide an excellent solution to transmitting amplified signals across PCB’s with unmatched shielding and insertion loss characteristics thus improving performance and reducing power consumption. To optimize affordability and reliability, CarlisleIT recommends the following basic design configurations:

  • Consider tin-plating the cable for improved solderability, especially if the cable outer conductor will be soldered directly to the PCB.
  • Consider specifying cables such as UT-031-TP-LL which utilize a Low-Loss (LL) PTFE dielectric if intending to solder directly to a PCB and especially if intending to use reflow techniques for the solder joints. LL dielectrics have the significant advantage of not-expanding at elevated temperatures minimizing the risk of jacket rupture or core extrusion.
  • Consider precision lead-forming from CarlisleIT, especially for SMT installations. Our ability to automate co-planar lead-forms to exacting tolerances ensures that solder pads are hit every-time and connections made.
  • Often overlooked, packaging is one of the most critical considerations for fabricated cables. Ease of removal from the packaging, protection for leads while packaged both from oxidation and mechanical damage, and convenient package sizes (number of pieces per box) should all be considered during the upfront design phase.

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