Multiway 8x and 2x SMP Quick Connect Harness

8-Way SMP Harness and 2-Way SMP Harness

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' (CarlisleIT) Multiport SMP Harness, which supports the space market, is designed to reduce time and cost for the satellite integrator without impacting reliability or performance. And unlike heritage single-point threaded interfaces such as SMA and SMK, the Multiport SMP Harness does not compromise frequency range, return loss, or RF shielding.

CarlisleIT also offers:

  • SMP male and female connectors per DSCC 94007 and 94008, interfaces per MIL-STD-348
  • Micro-D housings per MIL-DTL-83513/100
  • Controlled ¼-turn quick connect with visual lock/unlock indicator
  • Field-replaceable cable assemblies with extraction tool
  • Up to three cable diameters, allowing for varying insertion loss performance
  • Heat-shrink reinforcement with integration indicators and build-to-print labeling
Features Benefits
40 GHz operation A single configuration to address all satellite communication bands
19 dB return loss and -80 dB RF shielding Offers the same high RF performance as single-point SMA and SMK interconnects
Multiport interconnect Allows up to eight terminations with a single mate
Spring-loaded locking 1/4-turn fastener with visual lock/unlock indicator Removes the need for controlling wrench torque and securing coupling nuts with epoxy
Flight and TVAC test and measurement availability No change in performance, whether it be a fully rated space flight model or test and measurement harness

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