Gigabit-Plus™ Ethernet Cables

Gigabit-Plus ethernet cable

Gigabit-Plus™ Ethernet cables provide exceptional 1000 Base-T performance up to 250 MHz at distances of up to 100 m. These highly durable cables are ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications and are smaller in size and lighter in weight than comparable cables.

Key Features

  • Innovative X-Web spline reduces crosstalk and eliminates the need for individual pair shielding
  • More durable, smaller in overall size and lighter in weight than comparable cables
  • Applications include Ethernet backbones, avionics, in-flight entertainments systems, cabin management systems and ground vehicle bus
  • Meet the flammability requirements of FAR 25.853 and the smoke and toxicity requirements of Boeing and Airbus ABD0031

Product Construction

Gigabit Plus Ethernet Cable Cutaway

Mechanical/Environmental Performance

Impedance 100 Ω
DC Resistance 2.76 Ω/100 ft (24 AWG)
4.38 Ω/100 ft (26 AWG)
Vp 70%
Attenuation 26.4 Ω/100 m @ 100 MHz (24 AWG)
31.6 Ω/100 m @ 100 MHz (26 AWG)
Weight/K ft 50 lbs/1000 ft (24 AWG)
35 lbs/1000 ft (26 AWG)
Size .270" (24 AWG)
.220" (26 AWG)
Min. Bend Radius 2.00" (24 AWG)
1.75" (24 AWG)
Operating Temperature -55 to 150 °C
Other ROHS Compliant
Meets FAR 25.853 and Boeing/Airbus Smoke and Toxicity

Product Information Resources

High-Speed Digital Data Cables Datasheet

MX10G-24-ALW Lightweight High-Speed Digital Data Cables Datasheet

Product Categories

Wire & Cable

Product Markets

Commercial Aerospace

More Information

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