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Gen-Z is a new data access architecture and technology that increases the data rates and bandwidths of the links between processors and peripheral components, including memory devices up to 400 GT/s.  There is a physical layer of this entire protocol which introduces multiple high-density connectors that can support and scale the data access lanes. It is a new modular form factor that is protocol agnostic and can be used by multiple technologies, including PCIe Gen 5, Gen 6, SaAS, SATA, SATA express and NVMe etc. The Gen-Z connector is a card edge, high-density, discrete pin connector that supports vertical, right angle, and cabled installations. The connector provides high-performance signal integrity that is capable of supporting line rates up to 112 GT/s PAM4 without requiring Forward Error Correction (FEC). This enables Gen-Z to deliver low-latency communications.

Gen-Z connectors are available in 1C, 2C, 4C, -1C, -2C, -4C, and -4C+ sizes, where C stands for Chiclet, a building block of bandwidth. A1 chiclet, or 1C, connector supports power, management and 8 differential pairs of high-speed signals. A 2C connector maintains the functionality of the 1C connector, but supports an additional 8 differential pairs, and likewise the 4C connector supports an additional 16 differential pairs. Gen-Z connectors support both symmetric and asymmetric traffic, so differential pairs can be dynamically assigned as transmit or receive based on workload need.

CarlisleIT offers standard and custom interconnect solutions for high-speed Gen-Z compliant data communication. These standard based solutions use Twianx cables for high-speed data and ribbonized coax cables for control and management signals. Key features and benefits of CIT’s solution are as follows:

Features and Benefits

  • Readily available 1C and 2C standard pinout-compliant assemblies
  • Meet SFF-TA-1002 pinout specifications
  • Readily available 1C and 2C max differential pairs configuration cable assemblies
  • Maximum number of high-speed differential channels
  • No sideband signals; there are 10 additional pairs of signals compared to the standard pinout solution
  • 4C and 4C+ standard pinout-compliant cable assemblies available upon request


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