FlightGear™ ARINC 792 Ka, Ku, Ka/Ku Universal Installation


Carlisle Interconnect Technologies (CarlisleIT) now offers ARINC 792 solutions for Ka-band, Ku-band and Triband SATCOM installations.

The CarlisleIT ARINC 792 adapter plate solution fulfills the requirement for a standardized installation, easier maintenance inspections, and overall lower cost of ownership. Conformance to the ARINC 792 standard also helps future proof the SATCOM installation, and makes upgrades to next generation antennas and SATCOM system equipment easier and faster with commonality across entire fleets.

Designed to support a wide range of SATCOM systems, ARINC 792 is preferred by aircraft manufacturers for electronically steered array (ESA) antenna installations. Improve your speed-to-market with CarlisleIT’s FlightGear™ A792 Installation.

  • Custom Ka-band, Ku-band, or Tri-band radome based upon the customer’s antenna selection

  • Durable and light-weight aluminum universal adapter plate

  • Supports the complete range of aircraft frame spacing in a six (6) lug configuration per ARINC 792 standards

  • Supports the wide range of available antennas on the market today

  • The adapter plate design can accommodate additional equipment (OAE) and antenna cooling provisions under the radome

  • Aerodynamic skirt conforms to aircraft fuselage without additional fasteners or sealants

  • Supports antenna apertures up to 42”

  • Provides easy upgrade path for future proofing

  • Easy recurring maintenance and inspection access

  • End-of-lease restoration becomes an easy de-mod process as compared with current installations

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