Carlisle Interconnect Technologies has added filtering to the Radiall modular EPX line of connectors. Expanding on the flexibility of this connector family’s modular design, the filter modules replace the existing insert assemblies.

These connectors may be stacked for space savings and can be used in cable to cable as well as rack and panel applications. The modules are available in all standard arrangements with signal and power contacts. Compared to circular connectors, the EPX offers a slim shell design with high density insert arrangements that can use up to three times less space. The CarlisleIT filter inserts can be removed and wired at the bench level prior to final installation. Each filter module could be replaced in the field if the insert arrangement or filter type required change. Standard shell plating for this family is electroless nickel over aluminum alloy shells. Contact terminations include PC tail, solder cup and crimp configurations. The standard for this family is the 2 gang EPXB2 configuration which can house up to 80 contacts and uses a central shell locking and polarizing device. Individual insert modules are keyed to the shell cavities to prevent mislocation during assembly. Compared to a standard 79 pin high density circular this two gang EPX with 40 pin modules occupies approximately half the required real estate!

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