EN4165/BACC65 Series Backshells

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies' lightweight series EN4165 backshells are designed to minimize weight and maximize internal space and EMI shielding. Our EN4165 backshells are an ideal solution for high-end commercial and aviation cables where weight and/or EMI shielding are critical. The lightweight series backshells also feature a number of unique features that improve the ease of assembly and overall system stability.

Key Features

  • Compatible with EN4165/BACC65/ARINC809 connectors
  • Compression Style Shielding Method
  • Designed for ease of manufacturing, and is field repairable
  • High precision with minimal air gap
  • Very effective EMI shielding
  • RoHS compliant


  • Straight, 45 and 90 degree cable exits.

Ideal Applications

  • Aerospace, video and Ethernet
  • EMI protection
  • Weight sensitive

Kit Contents

  • 2 shell halves
  • 2 screws

Standard Material and Finish

  • Shell - aluminum alloy with electroless nickel plating

Optional Material and Finish

  • Zinc Alloy or metalized plastic
  • Additional plating
P/N Exit Angle Accommodated Cable Entry Diameter Screw P/N Screw Quantity W (inches) H (inches) Weight (grams) Shell
CAR-BK-10XP-S Straight 0.15"-0.40" (10mm) MS51959-5 2 1.000 0.995 9.5 Composite
CAR-BK-10XP-45 45° 0.15"-0.40" (10mm) MS51957-14 2 1.000 1.000 9.5 Composite
CAR-BK-10XC-S Straight 0.15"-0.40" (10mm) MS51957-14 2 1.000 0.995 13.0 Die Cast
CAR-BK-10XC-45 45° 0.15"-0.40" (10mm) MS51957-14 2 1.000 1.000 13.0 Die Cast
CAR-BK-10XC-90 90° 0.15"-0.40" (10mm) MS51957-14 2 1.000 1.200 15.0 Die Cast
CAR-BK-13XC-S Straight 0.25"-0.50" (13mm) MS51957-5 2 1.000 0.994 12.5 Die Cast
CAR-BK-13XP-S-E Straight 0.25"-0.50" (13mm) MS24693-C7 2 1.000 1.450 12.25 Composite

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Mono Modular Series Backshells spec sheet

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More Information

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